Perfect Keychains Gifts

Keychains definitly goes under userful gifts and as told before, it one of the favorites type of gifs teahcers love to receive. So take your chance and make a real appreciation. Find the one that feel your appreciation and get it now.

Set Of Severals


Custom Keychains

Picture in heart keychain
Made in USA

Choose The Picture And Light It Up

  • Put on your favorite picture of special moments into the crystal.
  • Select one of the 4 different shapes: heart, round, rectangle and tile.
  • Your keychain has an internal LED light that can be easily activated. That way, no matter what time of day, you can see the photo.
  • Nothing says “thank you” more than a unique personalized picture gift.
  • This is the perfect keepsake to capture your dearest memories on a quality product.

Create Your Own Image And Appreciation Message

  • Present your precious memories in the front while on the back side, you can engrave a personnal appreciation message to your teacher.
  • The photo is colorful and engraved on the frontImage Keychain. Your message on the back is graved using a high power laser that vaporizes the material.
  • Specifications :
    • High quality alloy, mirror polished.
    • Overall dog tag size: 49x25mm(1.93″x0.98″)
    • full length: 76mm (2.99″).
  • Before buying the product, you will be asked to select your picture and write the appreciation message you want.

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